Episode #6 – NFC, Drones and The Hunt for Red October

Scott and Anders talk Google Wallet, Near Field Communication, GetAround.com and the Mac Defender “virus” in this week’s rewind. Android marketshare seems to have leveled off according to a recent Nielsen blog post and the world of drones show unbelievable commercial promise. And on amnesia lane, Scott and Anders take on the 1990 movie “The Hunt for Red October”.

Episode #1 – Location and Entrepreneurialism

In our inaugural episode, Scott Barstow, CEO of RocketHangar and Anders Brownworth, VP of Research and Development at Bandwidth.com talk location, business books and entrepreneurialism. Catch Scott on the web at http://ScottBarstow.com/ and @scottbarstow on Twitter. Anders is at http://AndersBrownworth.com/ and @anders94 on Twitter.